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Remitbee's Benefits

Lowest Transfer Rates

Go Ahead and compare us with your current money transfer agency.

Go Ahead and compare us with your current money transfer agency.


First Transfer Free

Use discount code - ILOVEREMITBEE

Use discount code - ILOVEREMITBEE


No transfer Fees above $500

Our Fixed fees start from only $2,99 and if you transfer above $500 its absolutely free.

Our Fixed fees start from only $2,99 and if you transfer above $500 its absolutely free.


Refer & Earn $50

Refer & Earn $50 in your RemitBee Wallet which can be used in next transfer.

Refer & Earn $50 in your RemitBee Wallet which can be used in next transfer.

How Refer & Earn Works?

Earn $50 Today In Your Remitbee Wallet

Invite 5 of your friends that also send money back home to sign up at RemitBee

Have at least three of the friends successfully transfer money home

Get $50 reward will be added to your RemitBee wallet which you can use in your next transfer

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Some of the highlights of our services

Legal purity

Best exchange rates

Go ahead and compare us with your current money transfer agency.

Protection against fraud

Amazing Customer Service

Our customer service agents are always ready to help you through phone, email or live chat!

Exchange for other crypto currency

Multiple payment options

Pay with Interac online, Visa Debit, bill payments and e-transfer from participating Canadian banks, and your bank accounts.


Fast and easy to use

Most of your transfers are completed within 1 working day. Some countries are instant!


Low service fees

Our fixed fees start from only $2.99! You can try our service for FREE!

General ecosystem


We are building a business with all your foreign exchange transactions in one!


Remitbee's Security


At Remitbee, we take privacy and managing your sensitive data seriously. We used advanced technology to protect your communication with us at the same time saved your data in secure cloud based servers. We are partners with major banks worldwide and we are regulated by government agencies, in Canada FINTRAC. As a money service business, we are by law required to be regulated and as such we require information from you to meet these regulations. Our website is secured with SHA-256 with RSA Encryption so all the information between you and us are private and secure. We encrypt all pages you associate with to make it secure.

We partner with the best organizations such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS to keep and manage your data security. We do not save any of your financial institution data including your credit/debit card information and do not collect your banking credentials. Remitbee is accredited by Better Business Bureau online reliability program and meets all accreditation standards.

You can visit here to learn more. You can contact us at customercare@remitbee.com or toll free at: 1-855-484-2667 if you have any questions

Trusted Banks

Transfer to 180+ banks across India

RemitBee gives you nationwide coverage of India. ** Transfer easily to bank accounts at ICICI, SBI, Citi Bank, Axis Bank and many more!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Remitbee Online Money Transfer?

Remitbee is one of the most reputable and leading money transferring online companies in Canada. We are regarded as one of the best ways to transfer money from Canada to India. You can download Remitbee’s Money Transfer app on Google Play or Apple App stores. Once downloaded, you can immediately start using it to send money to India.

How much can I remit to India with Remitbee?

You can send money online up to $995 CAD per day when you sign up to Remitbee with your credentials. You can send money to India up to a maximum of $3000 CAD per day with a verified account! Please see compliance requirements regarding identity verification to verify your account.You can send a money transfer to India of up to $25,000 per calendar month, or any country that Remitbee provides service to. Some countries may have limits and if you’re planning to send large amounts, we recommend contacting the receiving account bank.

How can I earn the +$50 when I remit to India?

Would you like to make some extra cash while you remit to India? Remitbee will credit your Remitbee Wallet with a lump sum of $50 the first time you refer 5 friends who live at different addresses! To receive the $50, follow the steps below. It’s simple and easy.

  1. Sign up or login into www.remitbee.com if you’ve already signed up. You can also download the Remitbee Money Transfer app from app stores to sign up or login.
  2. Select “My Rewards”on the left-hand side of the mobile app or Remitbee Web Portal.
  3. Select your friends from your contacts or manually enter their email or phone number.
  4. You can find Facebook and Twitter share buttons to share the link with your friends too!
  5. When they click on the link and sign up, you are automatically enrolled to earn your first $50.
Start by referring 5 of your friends or family. Once 3 of those 5 have completed their first transfer, your $50 will be deposited to your Remitbee Wallet. Thereafter, everytime 3 of your referees complete their first transfer, you will be continuously paid $50 to your Remitbee Wallet. There is no limit either! For example, you can make $1000 when 60 of your referred friends and family complete their first transfers. You can use this extra cash to send a money transfer to India, or just send money online to any country (including India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines) with our international money transfer services. If you have any question about the +$50 program, please give us a call at +1-647-689-2323 during regular business hours, we’d be more than happy to chat.

How to send money to India?

You can send money to India easily with Remitbee! First, you must open an account with Remitbee. Once your account is validated by providing us with two digitally downloaded statements, you can login and start to send money online. To use Remitbee to transfer money to India, add a recipient and choose a payment method. We currently offer Debit Visa, Interac Online or My Wallet option, where you can do an e-transfer or make a bill payment (RBC, BMO, Scotia, Tangerine) directly from your bank’s portal. With the My Wallet payment method, there’s the option of FREE transfers over $500. When you send money through the Remitbee platform and complete the bank transfer before 8:00pm EST, your money will reach its destination within few hours. This is regarded as one of the fastest transfer timesfor a high exchange rate, zero transfer fee service.

How will my money transfer to India arrive?

Remitbee has the fastest electronic bank deposits (IMPS & NEFT) in India! You can send money instantly to almost every single bank branch in India. The money is deposited directly into your recipient’s account in local currency. Check the Remitbee exchange rate to find out the current exchange rate to INR.

Why do I need valid digital statements to money transfer to India?

It is for the safety of our customers, government compliance and also the integrity of our service. We must follow this process, so you can remit to India. Any reputable online money transferrer must verify your identity to allow you to send money online. To prove your identity and send money to India from Canada, you must provide two of the following. Digitally downloaded statements which clearly state your name and address from any utility company. This could be a monthly phone bill statement, gas or electricity bill, electronically downloaded bank statement or credit card statement. In an exceptional circumstance, we may require some additional items to positively establish your identity.

What is the best way to send money to India from Canada?

Remitbee is integrated with more than 130,000 bank branches in India, making it one best way to send money to India from Canada. Once the funds are received by 8:00pm EST, and you provide the name of the recipient, account number and IFSC code, the funds will be transferred within a few hours. If it’s your first transfer, your funds will be transferred a few hours after account validation. A money transfer to India is quick and easy with Remitbee!

What’s the cheapest way to transfer money to India?

You can transfer money from Canada to India quickly and cheaply with Remitbee. In fact, you can remit to India for free when you send over $500 by using My Wallet. Fund your My Wallet by e-transfer or by making a bill payment via participating banks. Our fees to transfer money to India are always completely transparent, starting at $2.99. Please review our fee plan to learn more.

How do I check the best Canadian exchange rate to INR?

For any Remitbee exchange rate, you can visit www.remitbee.com or download the Remitbee Money Transfer App.We are often asked; how do I check the exchange rate between CAD to INR? You can quickly check an up-to-date CAD to INR conversion rate today via the Remitbee app by swiping right to left.

What are the service fees when I send money online?

Remitbee offers the best Canadian exchange rate along with FREE transfers when you send over $500 by e-transfer, choosing My Wallet as a payment method. Please read about the fees for a money transfer to India for more details.

How do I ensure my money is safe when I send money online?

Remitbee online money transfer has a 100% money back guarantee. If your remit to India does not reach the appropriate account for whatever reason, Remitbee will refund the original among along with any service fees you paid, back into your account. You can transfer money to India confidently, knowing your money is safe with Remitbee.

What is the story behind our “Be a hero” message?

The people who support their families back home with international money transfers are the real heroes of our society. They help their family through life by providing financial support. To support their effort, Remitbee online money transfer offer them excellent exchange rates, a fast service when you transfer money to India, plus dedicated customer service.

If I have a problem with my money transfer to India, how do I solve it?

The Remitbee customer service team will be glad to help you by phone or email. We are here to help you send money to India. Please contact us at +1647-689-2323 or customercare@remitbee.com, we are open Mon-Sat from 10:00-8:00pm EST and Sunday 10:00-6:00pm EST. We are closed on civic holidays.

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